Why i made MoneyFlex?

Actually, i was working as an accountant in a company for a very long time. I made a software of Cheque Printing in Excel for my personal use in that company.

When i need to write cheques for creditors, i don’t write by hand, i print them on printer.

When first time i print a cheque, My smile and said that “You did a very great job by printing cheque this cheque. It will increase the reputation of our company. keep doing good work like this.

So, almost 5 years i use this software in my company. When i left my job, and after some time suddenly i got the idea to sell this software professionally so that other people also can avail the benefit of this Cheque Printing Software.

The i started modifying and adding some more features in it.

and made ChequePrint.in website and launched.

People it very useful and start buying. I provide personal support if my user got any problem, they can call me directly. i provide support them quickly on Call/WhatsApp or on AnyDesk/TeamViewer Also.

I don’t want to disappoint my clients. I want to keep a good relationship with my clients.

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